Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Spending. That was so last decade. These days it's all about super-gluing your wallet into your pocket, cutting up your credit cards and opening a savings account. Start the re-education process at home, with coupon parties, where formerly flagrant shoppers are getting savings tips. Yes, like a Pampered Chef or Tupperware party. Except instead of piles of plastic and stoneware, you get a powerpoint presentation and tons of money saving know how.

Let's Get This Party Started
The cost of grocery bills is enough to give anyone heartburn. Coupon Chix has figured out how to chew through high food prices and is sharing the know-how on the FREE website, Coupon-Chix.com, and with workshops in homes, schools and churches around the area (for a $20 fee). This is home economics taken to a new level. But with a few (OK, a lot) of tricks and coupon clipping and a ton of research, anyone can cut their grocery bills in half or more: The savvy shoppers say with a combination of store coupons plus sales and rebates, you can even end up buying two items for the price of none. Recessionistas are heading online before going to the store. Who's ready for an evening of schmoozing and coupon tips?  Contact me to set up your Coupon Chix home party or workshop -  couponchix@bellsouth.net


  1. Please let me know how many people that you require to have a home party and the times available.

  2. Lindelon, Sounds like something I might like to do. Let me check with some friends and see if they would be interested. How much does it cost and etc. Thanks Maxine

  3. 8 or more is a good number for a home party. You can contact me at couponchix@bellsouth.net to check on available dates/times.


  4. I want to host one at my church, my name is gloria rodriguez and my number is 850-218-8535. thank you ,
    look forward to speaking with you!!!

  5. Lindelon:

    I really enjoyed your class yesterday at WaveCrest Community Church in FWB. Thank you so much for all the awesome information!!!!

  6. I would LOVE to host a party. Please contact me with available dates @ bethlane_224@msn.com. Thank you. Beth

  7. Lindelon, Loved the class at Olive and already have friends ready to sign up for the next one! You have definitely taken coupon clipping to the next level and made it so easy to save lots of money. I can face retirement with more confidence now.